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Dances With Crows

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Something Special

This beautiful opening day of the NC Youth Turkey season I was involved in something special. I had the pleasure of guiding a special 13 year old young girl on her first turkey kill.  Her father is a crow hunting buddy of mine and asked me if I would participate in helping his daughter shoot her first Tom Turkey.  Of course I said yes and when! I was excited to have the opportunity to share in the experience of such an event.We had done our homework two weeks before setting up the ground blind in a spot that looked promising on her dads hunting club. We meet early and were in the blind set up at first light. We didn't have to wait long when we heard our first gobble.  There was still low light so I waited a bit until we heard the bird again and again gobble. When we could see the field and the decoys I made a series of calls, one with my diaphragm, one with my slate and one with my box call.  I just wanted to see which one he liked best, this morning it was the box call that he fell in love with and would end up being his demise.  After the birds flew down, wouldn't you know it, they went the other way but answering my every call.  I knew he knew we were there so we just sat and called sparingly and about one hour later out of no where a gobble from across the field rang out.  I immediately hit my box call to give him direction and then cut off all communications with him and made him come find us.  Sure enough in about 10 minutes we spotted him breaking the wood line about 100 yards away.  He saw our decoys and came on a string at a trot, supporting a 20.8 lb body with a 9" beard and fighting sticks of 1 1/8" long.  Our young hunter was steadfast on her shooting sticks with her dad whispering directions for the shot as he came in to within 20 yards weaving in and out of the decoys sizing up our Jake for a possible scrap.  The scrap he received was a load of 20ga. #5's.  I am so happy to have been a part of such a great event.


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